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What is a Wood Boiler Heat Exchanger?

Wood furnaces have many benefits and are installed both indoors and out. With a heat exchanger, the hot air is transferred throughout the home or business via a venting system constructed of copper tubing and galvanized steel housing. Used in the home to heat not only the air but also water, a wood furnace with the addition of a heat exchanger is a real money saver. They are available in a variety of sizes, depending on the amount of space that is to be heated.

A wood boiler or furnace heat exchanger can be installed as a standalone unit or as a furnace insert. They transfer the heat from the fire through the heat exchanger, into the air and hot water to be used to evenly distribute the heat throughout the home or business. They help to save money on utility bills, can be used to heat more than just one building at a time, are easy to maintain, they eliminate gases and fumes, there is no carbon monoxide build up and they offer a steady, even comfortable heat throughout the home or business.

Wood furnace heat exchangers should be checked periodically for soot buildup. Another factor in the use of wood furnace heat exchangers trust, although this is not as common a problem as with hot water heat exchangers. Rust only comes after years of use when using a wood furnace. Installing a Y-strainer at the inlet connection is recommended by experts to cut down on soot build up and make the heat exchanger
easier to maintain.

Heat exchangers are affordable and come in a variety of sizes. They can be used to vent hot air to multiple areas, including the garage, workshop, greenhouse, home and even will heat water in the swimming pool. For larger homes and businesses, they are available in sizes up to 22 X 25 inches, while smaller homes may need only a 16 X 18 or 18 X18 inch heat exchanger.

With the high cost of fuel over the past few years, wood furnaces are being used more and more often. Wood debris doesn’t have to be an issue, and neither do fire hazards because they can be set up outside the home. For cost savings, for beneficial health safety, for an even, more comfortable heat, consider installing a wood furnace with a heat exchanger as a means of heating the home or business.



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