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Positive Psychology Help that You Can Take Online

The residents of this Advanced Age have to deal with a number of pressures, burdens, and stresses, pertaining to the competitive lifestyles that we have. Also, there are individual pressures and complexities in one’s life that we don’t know much about, and there this psyche developed even in the most developed countries like ours, that people tend to hide and feel reluctant about sharing their mental health issues. This is wrong at many levels, and not treating or perceiving mental health and physical health equally is an issue that people have been struggling with for a long time. The victims of mental health disorders even try not to reveal them to the closest of friends and relatives.mental health

Various forums on the media, especially the Internet has managed to create awareness about the mental health to some extent. People are beginning to open up and express their concerns and whatever they are experiencing, especially on the Internet-based forums. Also, different social work and mental health authorities have encouraged people to speak up and express their mental health-related experiences and don’t feel reluctant about it. Let’s figure out how the Internet is helping people in reference to mental health problems. But first, you need to have a steady subscription to the Internet to discover all these options and forums. We recommend subscribing to Spectrum and get in touch with the dedicated hotline by dialing Charter Internet Customer Service Number and pick the package of your choice.

Why Do We Need to be Open About Mental Health Issues?

This is high time that we should treat mental and psychical health equally. Gone are the days when people with psychological issues were ostracized from societies and people would ill-treat them, even publicly. Although the awareness that is established in the society about mental health is remarkable, still there are people who are hesitant to accept it and refuse to talk about it. The reasons are pretty evident, years of suppression and shaming of the said issues in the societies have inculcated a behavior of denial and unacceptability as the first reaction by the patient. And even if he accepts it inside, he wouldn’t accept it outwardly or dare t share it, all because he is shy and in a state of denial, and not to forget he really fears being ridiculed and mocked at his situation.

We can’t emphasize enough the need of breaking this shame that is associated to the psychological health. No doubt we have come a long way through, but we still need to improve the situation. Healing and cure only comes when the problem is sorted, figured, expressed and there is a sheer will to improve and be treated/cured. So, anyone around and about that you doubt is suffering from some sort of mental trauma, depression, anxiety or exhibits any other symptom that you believe relates to a mental condition, take the initiative and talk to them. Take them in confidence and encourage them to speak up and get a treatment inside of suffering in silence. This would be a great service that you can do to people suffering from psychological issues and conditions.

Online Forums and Websites to Have Psychological Counselling

How badly do we need to really change the impressions and perspectives about mental health? We really need to break the taboo that is associated with mental health conditions, because just like a physical ailment or disease, it is just there and needs to be registered, recognized and treated essentially. Living in this current Digital century, we should at least change the perceptions attached to psychological health, referring to the advancements that we have made.

Let’s talk about how the Internet is of immense help in dealing with the said issues and conditions. There are a number of websites, online forums, and campaigns that are evoking awareness about mental health and also address the issues and provide proper counseling and treatments. As mentioned earlier, people are reluctant to reveal their names and identities if they manage to speak up and seek treatment. Well, as long as they are ready to be treated and speak up about their condition, we really are okay with their pseudo names and hidden identities!

Some of the note-worthy mental health websites are www.7cups.com and www.mentalhealthforum.net, that are contributing a lot to solving the issues of mental health and providing treatments and counseling. In addition to these, there are a number of pages and forums on social media sites, that promise to keep your identity and provided information confidential. We commend their efforts and services!

Online Campaigns Spreading Awareness on Speaking Up About Psychological Conditions

We cannot deny the power and potential of social networking sites, pertaining to the prevalence of the use and popularity of the said forums. People from across the world have used these forums to their full potential in raising voice against many issues that we face. The best thing about these sites is that one gets heard on these forums and nothing goes unobserved and unseen. The heavy use and addictive nature of these forums have further helped in getting messages across. So, pertaining to our topic of discussion, there are a number of forums and pages that volunteer to help people struggling with psychological problems. Also, these forums help people encourage each other to speak up about their issues and people with common problems can relate and communicate better and end up motivating each other in seeking positive psychological help.

One of the most effective and famous online campaigns of recent times was Heads Together #oktosay that you must have caught a glimpse of while browsing through social media updates. The campaign featured Prince William and popular Hollywood celebrity singer Lady Gaga teaming up to encourage people to speak up about the psychological issues that they are experiencing and break the shame and taboo attached to psychological conditions, as they are as natural as physical health problems.

They released a Skype video call in which they were exchanging thoughts on prevalent hesitation to speak up about struggles of psychological conditions and how these conditions are mindlessly tagged as shameful taboos. Lady Gaga bravely spoke about her own psychological journey. She motivated others with her description of how she suffered from acute depression and anxiety once. She is known to be famous and rich and has everything that one can dream of, yet she experienced this painful psychological depression. We really appreciate this brave effort to normalize and neutralize the gravity and pessimism attached to mental health conditions and urging people to begin reckoning it just as normal as we consider physical health. Here’s the link:

When such legendary and popular celebrities speak about these grave issues, the general masses people confident and motivated to actualize and raise a voice for their own betterment.

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