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LOOK AROUND: Ecology Is Everywhere!


ecologyEcology is the study of various types of organisms, their interactions and growth with each other and with the physical and chemical environment of the earth. Basically, ecology is the study of environmental issues such as global warming and pollution. Ecology also examines the earth’s natural resources and the diminishing or growth of the resources.

Examining and doing what we can to oversee and care for our environment is very important because when there are changes that occur in the environment, it can affect the lives of humans, animals, and all living creatures. That is why the more we study and know about our environment, the better we can protect and maintain it so that life as we know it can continue on.

We can see the importance of studying ecology when we see the damage that has been done with mosquitoes. The West Nile Virus that erupted years ago has made a startling comeback and without the necessary technology and being on top of what needs to be done to protect citizens, human life could be threatened at large numbers.

In addition, because we humans and animals depend on this earth for our very existence such as the need for shelter, water, and food, we need to ensure that proper measures are taken to keep these supplies well maintained and protected.

Another example of the need to understand ecology is with global warming. So many life forms depend on the warmth and coolness of the earth such as humans, plants, and other animals. When temperatures become too high, mating cycles are upset, populations of people and animals begin to look for shelter elsewhere and certain plants and other life forms begin to wither and die.

To conclude, that is why everyone on this planet–men, women, and children are so important in the ecology of our planet. By taking care of our homes, our parks, our gardens, our pets and doing what we can to protect this planet, the ecology of our earth will continue to thrive and grow.



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