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How to prepare a room for painting and how to paint your room

How to prepare a room for painting and how to paint your room

Paintwork is one of the most important parts in making our homes as beautiful, simple, elegant or colorful as we desire. Normally we hire talented or professional painters just to get the paint job done. However, everyone has the chance to do a good paintwork. All they have to do is to secure a good beginner’s guide if ever it is going to be their first time, and that is what I am going to provide right now how to prepare a room for painting and how to paint your room. Search for a guide no more, for you can have all the information that you need in here.How to prepare a room for painting and how to paint your room

So how to paint your room properly?

The first thing to do when painting your room is to have enough estimates of paints. In order to have the job finished in time without any worries of a paint shortage. After having a good estimate, it is now time for you to shop for good quality paints at a cheaper price. Try to visit as many stores as you can in order to have enough basis for comparison. Next thing is the choices of colors. Every store is also offering various colors and some of them are carrying some unique color. There are also some paint stores do some mixing job and you will just have to add some bucks to the said service.
After doing all those preparations, it is now time to do the main job, which the painting. In order to do the job at the right manner, do not forget to prepare all the necessary tools needed for painting like the masking tape, drop cloth, wall brush, trim and sash brush, roller, paint and the cleaning supplies.

Now, do not forget to cover areas you need to paint with masking tape or some piece of paper.make sure you secure your walls from mess because you don’t want it dirty right?

How to prepare a room for painting

  • Prep your walls
  • Mask the room with painter’s tape
  • Spread drop cloths and move furniture
  • Cut in the room
  • Prime your walls
  • Sand and clean to prepare for painting
  • Paint the walls
  • Remove painter’s tape
  • Clean dust
  • Unplug everything for safety purpose

Before painting, always make sure that the wall or the area that you are going to paint is clean and free from moist. Remove previous paints by washing it with some solution to have your new paint adhere properly.

Concerning your painting material, when you are using a roller, moisten it first with water for latex paint and with thinner for some other type of paints. If you have moistened it too much, you can roll over the roller into a scrap material like some lumber or a plain paper to remove the excess moisture. Avoid rolling it over into a newspaper, for the roller might pick up the ink. After that, fill in the pan with a right amount of paint and roll in the roller, but do not overload it, for it will give a tendency for the paint to slide and smudge.

Using a roller must be able for you to paint two or three square foot areas at a time. When painting, roll the roller in a zigzag pattern without lifting the roller from the painted area, then still without lifting it; fill in the blank with some horizontal or vertical zigzag strokes. Finish it with light strokes and raise the roller slowly so that it will not leave a mark. Do the same method all over again.

It is professionally advised that a roller strokes should be started by moving the roller away from you. When painting on walls, the first stroke should be in an upward direction to avoid the liquid from running down the wall.

We suggest you make design your home eco friendly to help the environment.

If you like our guide on how to prepare a room for painting and how to paint your room then share and tell us your ideas with us.

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