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Eco-Friendly Home: Harmful Household Products You Need to Stop Using Now





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The harsh effects of global warming do affect not only the environment and animals but also have a significant influence on the lives of human beings. However, even with the visible evidence and fact-based reports and theories, some folks are still in doubt how the dangers of global warming can affect the entire earth and its inhabitants.


Apparently, after several studies thoroughly conducted, the number one cause of the world’s climate sudden changes— from being natural to extreme and erratic temperatures— is the harmful chemicals and waste produced by human-made chemicals and products everyone commonly uses daily.

How Harsh and Harmful Chemicals Ruin the Ecosystem

Chemicals are substances that can be both natural and synthetic. Natural compounds are those substances that are naturally given and are found in water, air, food, etc. Whereas synthetic chemicals are those substances that are carefully mixed and made in laboratories to create physical products such as fabrics, medicines, fuels, computers, and daily household products. They are the foundation, the primary building blocks that constitute all things here on Earth and make the quality of living better and adaptable.


However, chemicals especially the synthetic one, can pose risks and dangers to the ecosystem and eventually to all inhabitants of planet Earth. Harmful synthetic substances can mix with soil, water (especially the oceans and seas), and air after its production and they are consumed and disposed of. And can contaminate most natural resources it will end up. Although the results do not show up immediately, its effects can persist and have a long-time influence on living creatures, especially humans.


On a brighter side, there are a lot of ways to prevent climate change— and you can find low competition ways that are simple and inexpensive. And whether it is through supporting pro-environment organizations or through merely being an ethical consumer ditching all home products with harsh substances and replacing it with eco-friendly materials, the difference it can make will eventually help save the living world.

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Top Home Products You Should Ditch to Help the Environment

Synthetic chemicals usually are for creating products which help in creating products meant to supply the everyday needs of people and to make the quality of living more valuable. However, these products are a few among the many reasons why global warming is growing wider. And most of the time, these harmful chemicals are found both in popular and low competition household products everyone consumes and disposes of every single day. To further guide you what products pose dangers to the environment, here a few you should stop using now.

1. Artificial Micro Beads

For women, owning facial cleansers and other solutions to keep the face clean, moisturize, and glowing is an essential part of womanhood. However, most facial products are consisting of synthetic or plastic microbeads. These polyethylene plastic beads are elements for skin cleansers and exfoliators, which help the skin to exfoliate.


On the other hand, it clogs the world’s waterways and contaminates any body of water it, especially the seas. And if not stopped, it will eventually poison the beaches and destroy the natural habitats of fishes as well as poison their food and eventually kill living creatures under the sea. Fishes can also eat it directly, mistaking it for their food.


Fortunately, several states like Illinois (the first state in the US to ban plastic beads) have already issued a law prohibiting all the use of polyethylene beads. Moreover, you can find low competition and high-end beauty products that are consisting of organic and eco-friendly exfoliators, and hundreds of them are available today.

2. Disposable Materials

Most of the materials that clog the waterways are disposable plastics. Plastics are toxic materials that do not melt but instead ends up polluting seas all around the globe. Living creatures under the sea can also mistake it for food.


Among the many disposable materials are plastic bags which have an estimated consumption of five hundred billion to one trillion bags. These material made from petrochemicals can speed up the reduction of non-renewable fossil fuels if not stopped. And it will eventually turn into greenhouse gases. Disposable cutlery, paper cups, plastic water bottles are also one of the many causes that make global warming grows.

3. Wet Wipes

In a recent report, wet wipes are found to be among the one pollutant that contaminates beaches and destroys the marine life with an estimated consumption of 400% since last year. Just like paper towels, wet wipes clog waterways and should not be disposed and flushed in the toilet. Sand since it does not melt, it goes straight to the sea too.


It is why many experts suggest ditching paper tissues and wet wipes as a way to clean one’s self. Instead, they suggest that every household should have their bidet seat in their bathroom. It will not just help prevent global warming from rising, but it is also an excellent way to keep your genitals clean and fresh.

4. Laundry Solutions That Contains Phosphates

Everyone wants their cloth to smell good and look clean all the time. However, you will find low competition laundry products that contain chemicals such as phosphates that harms and gradually destroy the environment. Phosphates are known as an excellent element for softening. The sad thing is, it can cause the natural process called “eutrophication” to speed up its process than how it should be naturally. It then acts as fertilizers for plants; making them grow abundantly and clog the waterways.

5. Food Packaging

Food packaging is usually in the form of plastic. And these plastics don’t do anything positive to the ecosystem but ruins it by contaminating the seas and clogging the waterways. However, some stores offer an eco-friendly way to pack foods. Instead of purchasing your food inside a plastic, consider the new “scoop-your-own” stores. This new trend offers the use of reusable materials such glass jars as a food container instead of using chemically-infused plastic bags.


Chemically-infused products are the top cause why the earth’s climate continues to change erratically. And if people will keep using these harsh products, global warming will indeed rise and can pose many dangers not just for the environment but also to its inhabitants. Hence, turning to eco-friendly products are not just a recent trend, but a crucial element for saving the entire world from possible phenomena global warming can cause.





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