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Sandstorm brown sugar scrub contains as a basic component, pure, extra virgin olive oil. It also contains brown sugar and honey giving it a gooey feel that is smooth enough for facial scrubbing yet rough enough for exfoliation. The well balanced texture makes the scrub ideal for use as a day to day facial care product. As an addition, the product does not contain any additional dyes which may react with certain skin types. Also as an added advantage, it lacks paraben products which cause allergic reactions in some people and have been postulated to be carcinogenic. Since natural honey has antibacterial effects, it is therefore important in the prevention of bacterial infections from occurring on the scrubbed surface.


The scrub leaves one’s skin feeling smooth and satin like after only ten minutes of scrubbing. The olive component serves to nourish the skin, providing it with lost nutrients while the brown sugar works by removing and sloughing off the dead, dry skin that accumulates on the skin. After rinsing away the scrub, the skin is left radiant and with a noticeable silky glow. With no harsh chemicals such as acid and alcohol added to it, the skin is never left feeling raw or pink or ulcerated. In fact, the honey in the product serves as a replacement for use of moisturizers that may harm one’s skin, and thus prevents water loss helping to maintain the radiant glow.


More amazing results are achieved when the scrub is used together with succulent skin serum. The product can also be used for all skin types as it has no chemicals or artificial additives that may result in pruritus or any other allergic manifestations. It is also easy to use as the brown sugar granules limit the time one needs to scrub. All in all the scrub is very adequate.



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